Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Well...Countdown is 9 Days Away!!
The season is upon us! 
But, in this industry, we need to focus on one Holiday at a time. 
I know there is a lot of controversy out there about marketing Christmas, before Thanksgiving.
 Although we do need to market Christmas in November, we, as florists,
 need to continue our focus on the Thanksgiving table.  
After all, Thanksgiving is going to come, no matter what!
It's up to us to re-direct the public back to Thanksgiving traditions...ie: The Centerpiece..
Years ago, EVERYONE had a floral centerpiece on their table! 
Nowadays people are looking for a Christmas wreath to give as a Hostess Gift! 
Lets get back to Tradition! 
Nothing completes the Thanksgiving table like a glowing candled floral centerpiece!
What's beautiful about the floral selections out there, 
is that, many come with a re-usable keepsake. 
Like this years Teleflora Bounty of Beauty.  
The re-circulation of the glazed pottery is classic tradition! 
This bowl could be used to serve your Christmas dinner side, of mashed potatoes,
 it can be re-made into a candled Christmas Centerpiece, 
or use it as a Holiday candy bowl! 
Meanwhile, it was the PERFECT! glowing centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table!
So, while you are searching for that perfect hostess gift for the hostess of your Thanksgiving Dinner,
remember to keep that glowing tradition!
A centerpiece is ALWAYS the perfect fit!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Now that Halloween is over, it's time for the sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, turkey and cranberries! Did I mention that I LOVE the holiday food??? Oh! It is the BEST time of the year...and, most fattening.....
But, now, is the time to start thinking about where Thanksgiving will be this year, how many people will you have over, what will you serve, and, what will I theme my table with? 
With Pinterest, the ideas and selections are at your fingertips! I LOVE Pinterest. From recipes, to table settings... the ideas just flow in front of you.  
I think one of the first things you need to think about is where will you eat? 
In the dining room? Will you have a "kids" table? 
Will you have a buffet? Or sit down? 
I am fortunate enough to have a dining room, so, I always prefer to have a buffet.
This way, the table can stay decorated while we eat. 
I set a "kids" table in the kitchen, then set the dining room table with my tablescape. 
I do decorate the "kids" table, just not as elaborate as the main table. 
I try to keep it "Kid" friendly while I keep it festive.
I usually set my buffet along my kitchen counters so my family can form a line to eat 
and all the condiments don't clog up the tablescape. 
I LOVE the fall warm colors... they just make the season. 
I always seem to lean towards the oranges, rather than the golds.  The golds are pretty, 
I just always end up with orange... I don't know why..
Maybe this year I will experiment with a different theme..
I am seeing a lot of chalkboard items, from table runners to place settings..
Maybe I will test some of that this year...

Well, we still have time to decide how the setting will go....but, as you know, the day will be here before we know it!
At least we can get the wheels turning.. we have a little time!
Just Remember...
Christmas is only 7 Saturdays away!