Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Rose Is Just a Rose?

 As we all know, Valentines Day is creeping closer and closer...
I would really like to educate everyone as much as possible before the "Day" is here. 
For the last 29 years I've listened to my customers, friends, & family, ask me,  
"What is the difference between the $9.99 dozen roses at the gas station, 
and the $100.00 dozen roses at the florist on Valentines Day." 

Well.... the best way I've been able to explain that is like this...
There are several varieties of roses.  Not just by color, but by types, within each color. 
Think of them, like you do an apple. There are several varieties of apples. 
Not just colors, but types. aka...varieties.
Just like an apple.. you get what you pay for. 
A small, colorless, dry, bitter apple is going to be cheap. 
An apple that is a little bigger, sweeter, little more juicy, will be a little more money.
Then you have your LARGE, shiny red, plump, sweet, juicy apple..
the creme dela creme! 
Now, you don't mind paying for that apple! 
It's WELL worth every penny!
It's the same with roses.
The difference is, we Florists, don't often carry those cheap, never open, die quick roses..
We care about what you bring home to your special someone! 
We want your gift,you give, to last.  
We want the recipient to have the "WOW" factor! 
We want to make you SHINE!

So, I found this EXCELLENT link to a great Blog.
The blog explains SOME of the varieties that are out there for red roses 
and the characteristic of that variety.   
Hopefully it will be helpful for your choice of roses 
and place you choose to purchase them from 
this Valentines Day.
Here is the link-
Remember- We at Tropical Interiors Florist, always carry a high quality rose in our store.
Whenever you need quality-  just call us!
Shop Smart!
Happy Early Valentine!

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