Thursday, March 3, 2016

Make your Wedding a Pinterest Wedding

Wedding season is in full swing here in Bradenton Florida! 
The available venues in this tropical climate are amazing! 
As we see the trends lean towards more outdoor weddings,
Florida has the prime locations. 
Outdoor weddings all year, are defiantly a possibility here.

So many brides today, are changing up the traditions. The trends look amazing!
Some of the new trends we have seen, include, guest book sign in, outdoor venues, (like barn weddings), chalkboard signs, unique favor ideas, place settings,  
and much bolder color schemes.
All changing the Classic bridal look and traditions.
But, it's not a bad thing...
It's a GREAT! thing!
It makes our floral job more exciting!

We recently did the flowers for an outdoor wedding.
The Venue was a spectacular location, with the perfect background.
It was at the South Florida Museum,
here in Bradenton Fl.

The bride was spectacular, the day was perfect and the setting was picture book perfect. 
(LOL!  now a days- it's Pinterest perfect!)
It is such a beauty to see the colors come together.
This bride used the Marsala color, with pinks, whites, cream, gold & black.
It sounds like the combination may clash,
but, in the end it was magnificent!
Added to this classic setting,
it fit like a glove!

The Bride was Beautiful, and the event looked like something off of Pinterest. 
The day came together well...

As we did for this beautiful bride, we can make any Pinterest wedding come true! 
Give us a call, tell us your dream wedding, and we can make it happen for you too!

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